ice eXchange
Making it easier to publish stuff
iceXSM is a resource for creating iceSM numbers (internet configuration exchange), which are stable, easy-to-use and configure replacements of the older Universal Resource Locator web address system. Using ice you can create short, simple identifers that will remain stable over time for any web address or URL. Simply add these identifiers to your manuscripts, white papers and web sites, saving yourself from the difficulty of trying to use long, difficult-to-format web site addresses.
If you are the owner of a a particular ice number, then you will also be able to maintain it. When a web resource moves to a new address or it changes for any reason, you'll be able to change the address associated with the ice number, so you can avoid the problems associated with link rot and ghost web references that can easily occur when a old-style URL is used in a publication.

To see if a URL already has an ice number, or to find the resource associated with an existing ice number, enter the value into this box:
URL: something like ""; or
ice: something like "ice.0.4".